A Conceptual Portraiture Masterclass Workshop

 Patrick Low preparing for a demo shoot using the new Pentax K-3
Patrick Low preparing for a demo shoot using the new Pentax K-3

DI Publications together with Pentax Malaysia organized a Masterclass Conceptual Workshop held at Friendscino Bar and Restaurant last April 27, 2014. We had a chance to learn and get some wisdom from the master Patrick Low. 

Patrick has a long list of awards and qualifications under his belt. He is one of the most respected photographer in Malaysia and in Asia to be exact. He is recognized as Malaysia’s ambassador for Master Photographers Association, a UK based organization for qualified and professional photographers worldwide. Recently, Patrick was named the sole photographer certified for 3d Photography by MPA around the world.  A newly launched MPA Malaysia chapter was announced last April 21st, 2014. To know more about it, please click here.


The workshop was only good for 1 day and it was very packed with knowledge and insights from Patrick. It was full packed with participants coming from wider range of age groups.

He explained about lighting and how to shape the subject with it. The basics of lighting and how to modify and adapt to certain situations and improvise if needed. What i found more interesting is he selflessly gives tips based on his experience. He did mention that it was not all success and there were more failures too but he did not stop but instead used those failures to improve more.



We were divided into 4 groups and each group has to capture what was taught in terms of lighting the subject and correctly posing them too. Another must have trait for a photographer is communicating with the subject. It was really clear that with proper communication, the subject can clearly understand what needs to be done and what goal you are going to achieve. 



A billiards table was one of the props with another model. A very tricky location for light shaping with just one light and some modifiers.



We went outside and he gave us valuable tips on how to shoot using available natural light and how to shape it too. The sun may not always be the main light as it can be redirected using modifiers to make it a fill light.



A very interesting part was portrait light painting and Patrick showed us how he did it. We also had a chance to do it on our own and this was my shot. No edits done here, straight from the Pentax K-3 camera.


 Last but certainly not the least, as this was the highlight of master Patrick’s recent work. It was the world premiere of his 3D Photograph. It was so exclusive that i can’t even show it here in respect to Patrick’s request as somehow he may still need to officially show it to the public. All I can say is that it was really awesome. We were even asked to line up just to see it.

Overall, All I can say is that it was a very informative, inspiring and a wonderful experience. It was fully packed and I congratulate the organizers DI Publications and Pentax Malaysia and the rest of the team. It was clearly a well planned workshop and I will surely attend their future workshops if time permits me to. Let me add that a given bonus for this workshop was that we were able to meet new friends with same interest as ourselves. Meeting new friends is something I really like doing and it turned out well. 

One last thing, we are still to submit our best shots using the Pentax K-3 camera to win awesome prizes which the prizes themselves are surprise according to Pentax. Patrick will also award a free light painting workshop for a selected entry. So wish me luck..

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