A Half Day Trip to Malacca: The Quest For An Epic Sunset

 Photography Buddies: (left) Lolit Whorlow, Jonnel Maguigad, John Pahang, Nerry Reyes, Annie Radley and me 
Photography Buddies: (left) Lolit Whorlow, Jonnel Maguigad, John Pahang, Nerry Reyes, Annie Radley and me 

Off we went to Malacca, a historic state in Malaysia for an epic sunset. That was our main goal and thanks to our lovely host Lolit Whorlow. The trip going there took 2 hours at least and we managed to head there around 2 P.M. 
We arrived around 4 P.M. despite a bit heavy traffic along the way going through. GPS at that time led us to wrong roads basically making our trip more enjoying. What can we do, it’s supposed to work but at some point, it does work but it sucks when you know it is leading you in a wrong direction. 


Upon arriving, one thing came up to our minds., Cendol. We wanted to eat cendol to quench the heat and walk around to wait for sunset time around 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM. The funny thing, we found cendol at the very opposite end of where our car was parked and for at least an hour of walking, we did not realize what’s going to happen. 


Jonker walk is the Chinatown street of Malacca, Malaysia along Jonker Street. You’ll see shops of souvenir items of all sorts, which mostly are locally produced, hawker foods and lots of tourists. 

Now back to looking for the epic sunset, we ended up missing the sunset due to traffic jam along Jonker Street and other roads that connect to it. We did not realize that the streets will be that busy around 6-7 P.M. Despite that, we still went to the planned spot to shoot the sunset and arrive there past 7:30PM. We hurriedly set up each of our cameras to shoot hoping for a small bit of sunset.

Here’s what I got.

Even we missed the most part of the sunset, I am still thankful we were able to arrive and return home safely. Still enjoyed our conversations during the day and nothing beats like minded individuals going together for a purpose. Thanks to Jonnell who drove the duration of the trip, Ate Lolit, Nerry and Ate Annie for letting us go with you and to John for always making fun of me the whole time. It was a blast and I can’t wait for our next trip together.

I have compiled a short video of the trip. Check it out. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe.


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