A Boudoir Shoot With Aevie

Together with some friends who are also photographers, we were introduced to Aevie who was just visiting KL for few days and we had to come up with a theme so we can have a shoot with her. The results were amazing and we were happy of the whole outcome.  I shot her with my photography buddies John, Annie and Lolit.

Despite the short notice, we were able to shoot it from Lolit’s house-turned studio. There we were able to use her equipment such as lighting and their bed. Lolit was also kind enough as a host and also did the hair and makeup of our model. She did great with those as you can see the result.  It is always great to have someone who shoots and does hair and makeup at the same time do something in a shoot such as this because this isn’t any of those big productions shoots but still getting good and even better quality. Good job Lolit.

The shoot lasted for almost 4 hours and we really had fun. Also joined us later during the shoot was Annie and she too had so much wonderful shots with her camera, it looked like all 4 of us were covering each and every angle. Aside from we tried different angles, we were also using different focal length of lenses so there was really variety.

As of this writing, they have not done editing all of the photos yet so I can only show what I have done. I’m still not done with mine either. Here are my photos during the boudoir session:

I did a timelapse for behind the scenes video of how the the shoot went from start to finish

Big thanks to John Pahang for coordinating with the model, Lolit Whorlow for the makeup, food and wonderful location, not to mention some wardrobes she also provided with the model, Annie Radley for shooting with us despite her busy schedule, Aevie Florida for letting us shoot her  and to Michael Francis Quiatchon for introducing the model to us.

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