Wedding: Eng Chuan & Jelina

My friend Ivan is shooting a wedding of his friend and invited me to photograph with him the wedding. Good thing I didn’t have any shoot that day so we headed to Batang Kali. It’s a place near the road going to Genting Highlands but still part of Selangor state. It was my first time there.

The groom Eng Chuan was kind enough to get a hotel accommodation for us so we stayed at a hotel near their place a night before the wedding day itself.

I was tasked to shoot at the bride’s house and I was there as early as 7am. It was just 5 minutes drive from where we stayed. The bride and the groom’s houses are very close to each other that 10 minutes is how long it takes to travel.

Watching the process unfold is such a humbling experience. From makeup preps to the setting up for the games and the whole family are involved. I met the parents and they are very welcoming. Had few conversations with them.


After the bride’s house, when all the ceremonies are finished, we went to the groom’s house to do the rest of the ceremonies. we still followed them and took pictures there. Fireworks and some traditional stuffs too.




That Saturday was packed with fun, love and tradition. I managed to compile a video of the wedding excluding the dinner reception.

Thank you to my friend Ivan Teh and the couple for the trust in capturing this very important day.

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