The Second Coming of The “Fire Queen”

Rachel Lobangco, dubbed as the “Fire Queen” came to Kuala Lumpur, the 2nd time for an epic photo shoot. A simple yet grandiose in a way. With her daughter Leona Lobangco, they brought themselves wardrobes created by the internationally known designer Don Cristobal. 

The photos you’ll see here are all mine but other photos from participants were all amazing too. I was just glad about the outcome.  

Driving to the location was a bit tiring than the shoot itself but when after we reached to the actual place, you’ll get recharged seeing everything around you is wonderful.  it was a beach with mangrooves on them and dead trees. Other photographers were composed of friends who have the same passion as we do. 


To give you an idea of how epic the location was, here is a behind the scenes photo taken by me using my gopro. 


The photo above was just one in 5 best locations to shoot in this area. The dead trees and even the livig ones can create a totally different perspective depending on what the concept is. Definitely this place will be flocked with photographers from now on. I can see this can also be a good place for weddings and pre-weddings or even engagement shoots.  


Above: The epic group shot of the team, participants with the two models. 




Here’s another one. This was totally shot with a Gopro and post processed on a mobile device. You know how these mobile apps and devices are now capable of very great looking images that you can’t really tell the difference anymore. Rachelle Lobangco with Don Cristobal’s creation. 


This was one of my favorite among the photos I took.  

Rachel was really easy to work with. What made the shoot easy was that she doesn’t really need any directions when it comes to posing. As a model and photographer herself, she knows how to position herself and ask feedback from photographers if her position and pose are satisfactory. She also helped Leona with posing and positioning herself that will look pleasant to the cameras. 

The good stuff doesn’t end here. Here is a video that my firends Adam Tauro and Ed Balajadia took and compiled. This was edited by Adam Tauro and I tell you, Adam is the next Jason Magbanua if you know what I mean. If you don’t, just google Jason Magbanua and you’ll see. Check out the video.



That’s all for now. To check more of this and other photos that I shot, click on my logo at the upper left corner of is website or simply go to

Shout outs to Lolit Whorlow for her generousity in hosting our models and for her huge contribution in making this event successful, from planning ’till the final preparations of the event and lastly the food. Big thanks to the participants who convoyed with us and some got lost but found our way to shoot as planned. It was an epic experience.

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