This Newest Hipster Cafe/Bar/SPA Is Old Town Phuket’s Heritage

My recent visit to Old Town Phuket did not go to waste as I discovered the newest spot that will blow your minds away.  
As I was desperate looking for a massage in Old Town Phuket because I had to leave back home in few hours, I came across this fancy signage pointing to a foot massage. So I followed the directions and ended up in an old Sino-Portuguese building in Dibuk road. We all know that most of the buildings in this part of Old Town Phuket are Sino-Portuguese but this one is different it bears the sign: Eat, Drink & Massage. I was like what? This is awesome. So I headed on to know more about it. At that time, around 11:00 am, it looked they just started their day and not a single customer yet. I was so amazed how the building looks like so I took pictures of it. The place is called Tantitium. Sounds futuristic and classy. This is a hipster cafe that has a bar and you can have a relaxing massage when you feel tired. Sounds like a great combination for me. 

They have a red colored swing in the middle of the  path heading to their bar inside. The path has tables and chairs that matches the look of the building which I find very comfortable to hang out at.

I didn’t know what to expect considering I have been roaming Old Town Phuket by that point, it was my third hour of just plain walking. Yes, I walked from my hotel to Old Town Phuket. Just a secret, I thought it was near but it was not. So I walked for almost an hour just to get to  Old Town, Phuket. Imagine how far? Hahahaha. The walk led me to see the beauty of the town. It was hot though. I was sweating, but it was worth it.

Far more I realized that it was really worth the walk when I saw the inside part of Tantitium. I was entertained by Mike and he is the owner of this cool place. He was so welcoming, humble and said that they just opened for the day and that I am welcome to hang out and check out the place. Right there, I immediately thought about doing a tour of the place and Mike was so kind enough to show me the whole place. 

 Mike talking to his staff as they prepare for the day.
Mike talking to his staff as they prepare for the day.
 They really know how to beautify the place that you would really like to hang out at this kind of environment.
They really know how to beautify the place that you would really like to hang out at this kind of environment.


Then Mike called me up and pointed to an alley at the back of the bar where was leading to their massage area but before reaching the massage area is the courtyard where customers can use to hang out also if they don’t want the front area or probably when it is full. What’s great about the courtyard is that you can see more plants and the ambiance is more relaxed. He told me that at night, there is a portion there (first photo below) where it has glass roof where water flows and well lit at night. This is the best spot in this bar in the evening.

 The courtyard
The courtyard

They are actually a cafe, bar, restaurant and a spa all in one so basically, you can do many things under one roof. You can have a massage, then eat and drink and party. How cool and convenient is that? According to Mike (the owner of this place), this place has existed for a long time, around 98 years so it has been part of Old Town, Phuket’s history. Then they renovated but remained some key parts of the building and turned it into Tantitium. He told me that they just opened few weeks before I was there.

(Above) This is where foot massage customers wash their feet prior to having a foot massage done 

 The waiting area near the courtyard.
The waiting area near the courtyard.


At this point, I’m already in love with the place. But wait there’s more! He brought me to the 1st floor of the building where the SPA is located. The ambiance there is so different and calming as you would expect for a spa. But this is not just an ordinary spa. 

 The stairs from the first floor looking down
The stairs from the first floor looking down


 Look at that mustard colored sofa and greenery on the walls. This is the waiting area of the spa
Look at that mustard colored sofa and greenery on the walls. This is the waiting area of the spa

I was blown away when he asked me to go inside the massage rooms. So clean yet elegant and cozy. You will really feel relaxed even by just getting inside the room. Since this is a newly renovated place, expect everything to be in pristine condition. The hallway is not that wide but can easily fit 2 people walking in both direction and the good thing is, shower and toilet are well maintained. 

I haven’t even tried the Spa and hang out at night at this cool place but I’m already loving it  just based on how friendly the staff and how wonderful the place is. I will definitely visit this place again to eat, drink and have a relaxing massage. 
Based on what I saw, I definitely recommend Tantitium for anyone looking for a hipster cafe where you can relax and have a good time all under one roof. 

Thanks to Mike who was very hospitable and who showed me everything that this place has to offer and for trusting me as a foreign customer to photograph the whole place. See you next time I visit Phuket.

Check out their details:
84 Dibuk Road, Talat Nuea, Phuket, 83000
+66 (0)65 054 4087
1:00 pm – 12:00 am


“Tanti Eat is a fine-dining restaurant focusing on Phuket and Thai Cuisine. Here, you can enjoy Phuket’s signature and recommended dishes including Crab Curry, Dried Shrimp and Chili Paste and Deep Fried Salted Pork.
 Tanti Drink is a cafe & bar providing a great selection of your favorit drinks and classic cocktails.
While Tanti Massage brings you an indulging massage and spa treatments.”
Opening Hours
Tanti Cafe: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tanti Eat : 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Tanti Drink : 5:00 pm – 12:00 am
Tanti Massage : 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm

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