PJ Festival 2017

 Photo by PJ Festival Organizer Photo by PJ Festival Organizer


Sunway Properties organized this event focusing on couples. I saw it in Facebook so I came to see the activities. I just stay near the area so I came early and managed to see everything as the sun set. With the hashtags #sunwayserene #pjlakeside , the organizers are suggesting this could be the next big thing in PJ where people specially couples love to go on weekends and stay refreshed without going out of the city and driving for hours.

I enjoyed the presentation of local artists who graced the 2 night event. The organizers really had a taste when it comes to choosing who performed those two nights. Lots of fun and activities were presented to those who went for the event. Food trucks filled the stomachs of the the event goers, catering wide variety of food choices, from refreshments to sandwiches and to full dinner in style. Freebies were also given to those who registered online. It includes goodies and food which I think was worth the registration.

I’d say it was a successful one. Even I did only went on the first day, I remember having that feeling that you forget you are in the city and just enjoy good music and scenery plus activities to enjoy. Definitely this place is still being developed, I think Sunway properties have a great plan in mind for this place.

I leave you all with a video I compiled taken on that Saturday evening. This video was also shared on Sunway Properties Facebook page after they asked for my permission on a private message. Enjoy and let me take you to PJ Festival that Saturday night. Hopefully there will be another one.

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