Pacquiao vs Matthysse Weigh-in

The last big boxing event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was in 1975 when Ali defended hi title against Joe Bugner. After that long, here comes another big one. Manny Pacquiao attempts to get the belt of WBA Welterweight World Champion Lucas Matthysse.

I went to their weigh in day to take some shots of this important event. Both of them made the catch weight.

 Lucas Matthysse the WBA Welterweight Champion.  Lucas Matthysse the WBA Welterweight Champion.

If Manny wins this, he will be on his 11th world Title. But if Lucas wins, Manny will be under his list of names of defeated boxers.

 Manny Pacquiao the challenger Manny Pacquiao the challenger

Their shredded body shows they have been training well and both in great shape.

And please don’t forget the ring girls.

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