Let’s Rock 2 @ KLPAC

After a wildly successful first outing in 2017, KLPAC brought us Let’s Rock 2 for a limited 4-day run from 20 to 23 June 2019 in its theatre turned rock arena Pentas 1.

KLPAC- Let's Rock2

Let’s Rock 2 reunited the same headliners that brought the house down back in 2017 – Fuad of Kyoto Protocol, songstress Bihzhu and singer-songwriter Nick Davis. The trio performed with the klpac Symphonic Band, the YCA Chorus and a 4-piece band, making it a grand total of 60 musicians and singers on stage.

Among the songs performed live included some of the biggest hits by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Coldplay, U2, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, The Carpenters, The Beatles and Cyndi Lauper.

With their 16-song program featuring the best of the best from folk legends to hardcore rockers as well as some of the top names from the psychedelic era, music fans were on their seats and singing along the songs the performers played.

Let's Rock 2 - 2019
Nick Davis

It has been a great opportunity to be able to photograph this very memorable event. Thank you to the KLPAC organizers and to my friend Robin Wong for hooking us up to be able to shoot for this event.

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Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Executive Producer: Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Director: Ian Chow
Conductor / Co-Music Director: Cheryl Mah
Band Leader / Co-Music Director: Kamal Razali
Arranger: Loh Ui Li
Chorus Master: Mak Chi Hoe
Soloists: Bihzhu, Fuad of Kyoto Protocol, Nick Davis
Featuring: klpac Symphonic Band, YCA Chorus, Kamal Razali (guitarist), Wawan (bassist), Joelle Airel (pianist), Bob Skunjas (drummer)

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