Which Mall In KL & PJ Has The Best Christmas Decors?

I have established on this blog that Malaysians are passionate about their Christmas decors in malls and that is based on a personal project I did on December of last year. This year, I’m doing the same thing but only this time I am letting you guys decide which is the best. I made sure I take more time taking the photos as much as I can so I will give justice to their efforts.

Note: These are only based on the malls I have been to within the period that I had.. There are still other malls within PJ and KL that I have not been able to take photos of their Christmas decors so whichever decision we come up is purely based on the pictures that I have below. Vote for the best Christmas decors you think will win based on your own criteria. Cast your votes at the end of this article and I will gather the votes and update the result by first week of January 2018.


Suria KLCC – Enchanted Christmas

Suria KLCC Mall is one of the busiest malls in Kuala Lumpur as this is the usual destination for tourists. This  year, themed as “Enchanted Christmas”, they built a log cabin right at the middle of the mall surrounded with pine trees with Christmas decors. On Christmas day, they had a choir singing Christmas carols all throughout the day.
A gigantic Christmas tree was displayed outside facing the KLCC park in which people love to take selfies with.  I must say this is better than last year good thing they finished the glass elevator construction in time for Christmas.


NU Sentral – Magical Christmas Kingdom

I always get excited when I go to this mall, they always show something creative and different each time there is an event. This Christmas was not an exception. They built a magical Christmas Kingdom where imaginary characters are more realistic and the atmosphere really feels magical.  Check out the rest of the photos below.


One Utama Shopping Centre – Whimsical Winter Wonderland

Whimsical Winter Wonderland is the theme for One Utama Shopping Centre. To be there and see it personally is much overwhelming. Definitely insta-worthy and the theme is carried out all throughout the mall from old wing to new wing. 
Well thought concept and properly executed. I love to see the gifts floating in the clouds as they look more real. Feast your eyes with the rest of the photos below.


Paradigm Mall – Christmasville

Although the space is quite small, they were able to incorporate Chrismasville at the center point of the mall. I congratulate them for a job well done. It’s just a shame that Paradigm mall is only packed during weekends because they have done a great job with their decorations. Although this concept has been used before, it’s good that they continuously play Christmas songs loudly to get the Christmas vibe going.


Sunway Pyramid’s Tudor Christmas

The concept of Tudor Christmas was about a period in time where tools are set aside and work are forbidden between Christmas Eve (24th December) and Epiphany (6th January to keep women from their chores. It was customary to put their homes with decors and spinning wheels with flowers. This is along the 16th century period where gadgets and internet were still not invented.
Sunway Pyramid is a tricky place to put decors on in my opinion. It has four different corners where you can easily go crazy about when it comes to variety of what you can do to decorate this huge place, and that’s what they did. Each corner has different variety that revolves along the main theme, “Tudor Christmas”. 
Mattel had their own Christmas exhibition with all the toys for the children in one corner.


Pavillion – Christmas Is In The Air

This year’s theme is “Christmas Is In The Air”.
I must say that the team behind the Christmas decors in Pavilion are so blessed to have this wide and enormous area to play with inside the mall. Aside from that, they still have the outside part in the main entrance that they can add to the vast area for them to decorate. It’s challenging but I think having a wider area is much better than a limited one if you have almost unlimited budget to spend with. Pavillion Mall is another touristy mall in KL and the mall goers here are just pampered with all things huge, colorful with a class of its own. 


The Gardens Mall – Dreams of A White Christmas

Their concept is “Dreams of a white Christmas” which will always be appealing to us here in South East Asia as where we haven’t experienced white Christmas, at least applicable to most of us except those who have experienced it somewhere else. 
The decors have a class of its own as it should be as being the mall for high end middle class to the elite people of society on this part of KL/PJ. The attention to details are well taken into consideration and they stuck to the theme all over. It’s refreshing to see this concept as we all know Christmas decors are often recycled from the previous years. 
Kudos to the team who put up these decors, they are definitely something memorable to me in terms of their creativity and well thought concept.
The photos below are clickable and you can cycle through them easily. Check them out.


Midvalley Megamall – Christmas Train Station

Midvalley Megamall’s Christmas concept revolves around the idea of going home for Christmas. Back in the day where the only mode of transportation is a train, it touches each and everyone’s heart remembering the feeling of being anxious to get board of the train just to get home in time for Christmas. Or even having to spend Christmas on the road and still you want to go home to spend more time with the family.
Even writing this reminds me the feeling of wanting to go home during Christmas. I have so much memories being away from my family during this time. 
Great choice of concept and story for the team who conceptualized and made this concept into a very meaningful one. It only shows that putting up Christmas decors is not just about putting it just for the sake of having one. The story is what makes the decors touch everyone’s heart and it becomes more meaningful. 
Who doesn’t like to hug those giant teddies? Yes there are a lot of them scattered in every corners of the mall. 
Feast your eyes with the rest of the photos.


Sunway Putra Mall – Santa’s Toy Factory

I was not expecting that this mall has Christmas decors but as it turned out, I was surprised by how well crafted and not just your normal Christmas decors they have put up for the public. It revolves around the theme of “Santa’s Toy Factory. It really looked like a toy factory. If only this place was bigger. Check out the rest of the photos.


Berjaya Time Square –  Enthralling Christmas              

Berjaya Time Square’s theme this year is just irresistible for kids and young at heart. The adorable characters with the huge minion character at the center. I was blown away by how these characters are so huge and and colorful. It brings back the kid in me. Although taking picture with this giant minion at the entrance of the mall itself is almost impossible as it is always flocked by mall goers. It’s more packed during weekends. Enjoy the rest of the photos below.


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