Historical MMA Action in Kuala Lumpur

Last OneFC event, the Warrior Spirit last November here in Kuala Lumpur was explosive and I did not even had the time writing my experience about it, and here comes another big event coming. This will be the most talked about mma event in the history of mma here in Kuala Lumpur and no doubt in the whole of asia. After that jam packed event in Mall Of Asia Arena, Philippines last December 2013 with many quick match proving that asian mma fighters mean business. They train harder than they have trained in their lives to win their respective matches as their career and reputation are on the line. Plus the growing popularity of the sport growing exponentially fast that it is still considered the fastest growing sport in history. This blog is supposed to be about photography and what I will do next when I shoot for the event but I am just hyped up that I couldn’t hold any longer in saying how excited I am for this fight. Excuse me for that but let me continue.


It will be history in the making as OneFC set up this fight to crown the first 170 lbs. champion. Not just a champion, but a world-class champion. The main event will be UFC’s Brock Larson and Nobutatsu Suzuki. Yes you read it right Brock Larson, the UFC veteran against Suzuki which also has been on the top in OneFC. Both have been in great shape as Suzuki just won against former UFC fighter Phil Baroni last May making his record with the impressive 10-1. Larson on the other hand is on a four fight winning streak with a respectable record of 37-7. Those stats will blow you away.  Co-main event will be Bantamweights Kevin Belingon against Dae Hwan Kim which is also a match to watch out. This will happen at stadium Negara on March 14, 2014

  Photo courtesy of OneFC
Photo courtesy of OneFC

The bottom line, this event should not be missed. I am still arranging my schedule so I can shoot for the event. I am pumped up to see fellow photography friends from MOPSG in Singapore who organizes the shoot for OneFC events.

See you at the OneFC War of Nations event on the 14th of March 2014, Stadium Negara,

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