Helping A Very Special Photographer Friend

 April 5, 2014 marked a very special date for one of our photographer friend Lolit Whorlow. She gets to show her work to the public in real prints at an event in Publika, a famous Mall in KL. This event is named “Guerrilla Photography Exhibition” and the exhibition will last for 2 weeks.

When I heard that she will be putting up her work for the event, I immediately, without hesitation asked to help her. Got a nod from another photographer friend, we helped put up her prints to the designated area on which the exhibitors were given to show their work. 

We arrived very early and was able to get our first selfie you may call groupie using a selfie monopod which my friend john ( the one holding the monopod) keeps on bugging us to buy one. This was his first shot with his new accessory. We were sorting the prints to decide which one will be displayed and which ones will not be included. It was a difficult task to choose from the prints as they were all good.


 here is John arranging the photos
here is John arranging the photos

We came up with a concept to alternate A4s and A3s and group them according to genre. The photos were really amazing..


This was what it looked like when we were 50% done. Others were also busy doing their own way of making sure their photos are presentable.

It was a hot morning and we were sweating a lot as the mall Air conditioners were still turned off. Upon seeing the result, we were very happy and thrilled that her work can now be viewed and touched.


We also bumped into another Filipino photographer friend Anthony, who was also putting up his printed portrait photos. Anthony was also the one who invited us to join this event that he has been for two years now.


Here are other photo exhibits by other photographers who participated. 


There are still so much to check out from the photo exhibits and I encourage everybody to drop by and see the photos as they are wonderfully crafted and presented differently by each photographers.

I want to congratulate the organizing committee lead by the project manager Murali Subramaniam for organizing such event and give opportunity for photographers to show their work. 



Ate Lolit Whorlow, we are proud of you and will always keep supporting you. We are looking forward to join you and others in the next Guerrilla event. More shoots to come.

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