FX Malaysia Annual Dinner 2016

A fun filled night it was, and I enjoyed it a lot. Not because of the delicious and variety of food that was served, not because of the awesome photo booth and not because of the good looking ladies who were there but because you can really see that the company really spent much time preparing and making sure the event will be successful and meaningful to everyone who attended it. Not to mention the really expensive prizes for the lucky draws. Man I wished I won that night as everybody who attended would have wished for. But I guess that was not my night. I enjoyed taking photos of everyone i came across with.. 

The finale was fun too. Few songs from the band ended up to be longer than what was expected as the audience, including me went wild for every piece and requested more. 

To those who want to see the photos, please head to my facebook page to check it out. A like to the page would be much appreciated.



Kudos to the organizing committee who poured their time and effort to make the event a successful one. To the management for supporting such event. Hope it gets better and better each year.

I know words cant express much how we had a great time that night so check out the video below and see it for yourself. Do comment, like and subscribe. 

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