Floria 2015 – Putrajaya




It’s been four years in a row that I have attended Floria, an international Flower Festival held annually in Putrajaya, Malaysia. This event attracts flower lovers and photographers alike including tourists from all over the world. For me, it has become a tradition to attend this event just for the sake of photography itself. I always remember the time where i went to the event first time and I had to borrow a camera from my friend just to capture the moments and wonderful flowers during the event.

Now, it has evolved very much from how they present their products and services, and I see more and more international representatives have joined the event. They now have winter wonderland show and spring themed Garden not to mention the Hobbit village with some extraordinary recycled materials turned into a garden. 

One thing I noticed coming to this event is that I shoot less pictures now. Is it because I am too picky now of what I shoot? Back then, when I was new, i tend to shoot multiple photos of a single subject. This has not been the case now. I brought my dslr and gopro during this years Floria and last year and I tend to shoot more selfies on my gopro. Well, I’m sure you’re not interested with my selfies, but here is a video I prepared for the whole visit to is international event here in Malaysia. Do like, comment and subscribe to be updated on my posts and shoots that I am working on. Till my next post. 

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