Comic Fiesta 2015 & Garena Cyber Games 2015

Cosplayers and Gamers were on a great treat last weekend December 19th and 20th 215. It’s because 2 events were held in one place. It was the Comic Fiesta 2015 and the Garena Cyber Games 2015.

To those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Comic Fiesta is an annual event here in Malaysia attended by thousands of Cosplayers within Malaysia and neighboring countries (last year was 35K attendees). They wear costumes (which some created by  themselves ) of their favorite comic or anime characters, they go share and meet others with the same interests. This is a big event which involves anime, comics and games or ACG. Comic Fiesta is the first and the biggest non-profit ACG convention in Malaysia, organized by a group of volunteers to bring the comic convention experience to the Malaysian audience.

It makes sense to hold Garena Cyber Games during Comic Fiesta event because those two are intertwined with each other. Most cosplayer are also into gaming but not all. Just my opinion. After all, Comic fiesta also has a gaming side of it. On the other hand, Garena Cyber Games is an event by Garena, Asia’s number one online gaming platform which has 17 million active users on PC and 11 million active users on mobile. Garena exclusively distributes game titles on Garena+ in various countries across Southeast Asia and Taiwan, such as the multiplayer online battle arena games League of Legends and Heroes of Newearth, the online soccer game FIFA Online 3 and the first-person shooter games, Point Blank and Alliance of Valiant Arms.

I think I bombarded you with facts there. Time to get the ball rolling. 

I’m so thankful to GM Reia for adopting me as her photographer for this event and hooked me for a media pass. She is a cosplayer and gamer at the same time so this is like her expertise. She also blogs on interesting stuffs, please do check out her website at she had interviews with the Fifa Online 3 winners .


One of the highlights of Day 1 was the League of Legends (LOL) Cosplay Collision where cosplayers dress up like the characters of the game. They wowed the crowed with their moves and really detailed costume to match the characters they were portraying.


 With GM Reia during LOL Cosplay Collision
With GM Reia during LOL Cosplay Collision

Here are some of the photos of LoL Cosplay Collision 

Special Guest to this event who also was the guest  judge for the LOL Cosplay Collision was  Aza Miyuko . She is a well known cosplayer from Korea who also dressed up for the event as DJ Sona, a character from League of Legends (LOL). She performed and had autograph signing for the fans. Here are her photos.

During the past 2 years of attending this event, I usually bring home a lot of photos that I even fill up 2 of my SD cards. This year I brought less.  I now choose the photos and characters I want to photograph. If it’s not so interesting, I let it pass. It made my life easier during the editing process and I save space on my hard drive too.
Here are the photos I took of the cosplayers. Some are event models by the way.

 FIFA Online 3 Champions
FIFA Online 3 Champions

I’m saving the best for last. Part of the media pass was an exclusive access to the VIP lounge and I was able to hang out with Reia and the rest of the team who organized the event along with the winners of the FIfa online 3 and the main guest of the event Aza Miyuko. She was so humble and didn’t complain despite many interviews, selfies were taken with her. They also had a photoshoot for few minutes. There were also food which were delicious.
Here are the photos of Aza which I took. 


We had a chat with Collin and Magdaline Wang,  the emcess for Garena Cyber Games 2015.

That was only the first day and I felt that I need to go to the 2nd day. When I woke up, my legs hurt bad after I worked out from the gym the other day. It became more worse today so I decided to take a rest and write this blog.
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