And The Winner Is…

And the winner is…

I’m surprised about this result but since the numbers won’t lie, I am happy to announce the winner is Midvalley Megamall.  Not what I expected but there are really good contenders this year and it keeps more difficult as the years go by.
Do check out the rest of the photos of Midvalley Christmas and the rest on my previous post.

It has been such a wonderful and busy 2017 and I’m very much thankful for everyone who followed and subscribed. If you haven’t subscribed yet on this blog, please enter your email on the right side of this blog so you will get the updates as soon as they happen.  

I had fun going to KL & PJ throughout the Christmas season taking those pictures. It was tiring in some way but it was worth all the effort knowing that you guys voted and checked each and every photo that was posted. Rest assured, this project will be an annual thing for me and hope to see you on the next one. 
Bye for now, Happy New Year everyone!

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