Benjamin Von Wong in Malaysia

Yes you read it right. Benjamin Von Wong will be in Kuala Lumpur to be exact, for two epic reasons. Yes two. First is ETHEREAL : The Von Wong Seminar/Photography Festival and The Art of Building The Epic: A Von Wong Seminar which will happen few days from now, November 21st and 22nd respectively. This event is organized by a friend of mine,  Anthony Barlan of Anthony Barlan Productions. Ethereal is sponsored by Vision Studio, Smugmug, ThinkTank, Metz, Sony, BronColor, The Perfect Studio and RDTprints
It will be held at Pantai Cenang, Sepang Malaysia with the official Hair and Make up Artist/ Designer from the Philippines, Fanny Serrano.

Photographers in Malaysia (including me) are excited about this event of Von Wong as he will clearly inspire and teach those who will be attending the workshop and photo shoot. It will be great to see him in action on how he does in a shoot but I think it is also equally great to hear him talk and inspire us.

Obviously, this is hurriedly done because I am running out of time and the date is just two days away from now. Having said that, those who have not known him or have not seen his work, do check the videos below and check out his website at to really know what I mean about how great he is and his works. He doesn’t need much introduction so I will let his epic works speak for themselves. Check them out.

Some of his works:


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