Asia Fighting Championship

Asia Fighting Championship held it’s second event here in KL after a successful debut last year. The response was great and it’s slowly gaining its attention by fight fans here in Asia.

This organization focuses on Muay Thai with the tag line “No tapouts only knockouts”.

A photographer friend of mine invited me so I brought my photographer friends to the event too.

It was great to meet fellow photographers who share the same passion and dedication to the sport and photography. It was an honor to cover the event as it landed first time in Malaysia.

We all had the opportunity to shoot closer from the ring side and this was a very wonderful experience.

At least for me, I tried different locations inside the arena to get variety on my shots.

Being able to shoot closer to the fighters, what matters that moment was the decisive moment on when to capture what is happening right before my eyes. It’s hard not to get carried away by the fight and forget that you are clicking the shutter of your camera.

 The highly coveted championship belt was all that matters that night. The highly coveted championship belt was all that matters that night.

 The photogs crew! The photogs crew!

With AFC’s debut here in KL, it’s definitely not a sold out stadium  but knowing how popular Muay Thai is in Malaysia, it’s not gonna be too long that it’s fans will pick up and grow more as they host more and more fights each year

Big thanks to the organizers and to my friend Fei Chen who invited me for this event. I will definitely shoot for the next one.

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