A Must-See Arts & Lights Exhibition (Until 24th Dec 2017 Only)

If you are in Petaling Jaya on weekends until December 24th 2017, you are lucky because MahSing has reinvented Icon City, PJ with their exhibition called Arts & Lights. It is an interactive pop-up experience and I can assure you, it will blow your minds away. It showcases carefully designed spaces where art meets technology. So hurry because this event is only open on weekends.
Don’t be too excited just yet, make sure you read till the end of this article to know the details of dates and times you can go including ticket details. Don’t worry, this event is free.



When I reached  the location I sensed that this is a strategy by the organizers to introduce and make a buzz of their recent projects in the real estate industry thus attracting more customers in the process. In my opinion, it’s not a bad thing.  It shows that they are  thinking outside the box and that they are capable of adapting to this ever changing world incorporating art into technology. Read on to find out what I’m talking about.


Good job to MahSing for putting up signs in the vicinity of the event. When you reach Icon City, you will notice signs about Arts & Lights and mostly pointing you to the right direction. The whole place has footsteps stickers which will lead you to each and every location within the icon city area itself.
You will be greeted with their ticket redemption people who will scan your online tickets and provide you leaflets about the event and answer your questions if you have one.

They put up some tents for people to hang out, food trucks and some vendors selling products within the area. Food is not a problem.


Here are the attractions:

Galaxy Of Centura

  This photo was taken candidly. I don't know her but thanks for the pose and smile. Feel the radiating colors of hundred of balloons.    
This photo was taken candidly. I don’t know her but thanks for the pose and smile. Feel the radiating colors of hundred of balloons.   


Child Friendly Event

Although this event mostly appeals to teens and adults, it was also created with the kids in mind. That is why they have one section where it is only for kids. One of those was the Vista Interactive space wall where the kids draw anything that suits the space theme and then watch that drawing come to life as it interacts with the environment on the screen. Lots of kids activity on the Kids zone so if you bring your kids, make sure to look for this area.

Aruna In The Sky

At the center of the room is the moon surrounded with clouds. This one was one of the most popular as the lines can be very long just to get into the room so be sure not to miss this. 


Anti Gravity Room

There are so many ways to shoot on this room. It’s like everything is floating. Challenge your creativity and make the photos insta worthy to boost up your profile.


Southville Space Party

The Space Party room is where you can have your photo taken with the “Space Party” sign with added accessories inspired by Starwars and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. 


Planet Vertica

It’s this room filled with planets, stars and anything in space with much color. Right on the center of the room are two  statue horses that makes the whole thing so out of this world great.


The event opens 12PM on weekends until 24th Dec. If you plan to go there in the afternoon, be sure to wait until the sun sets because the place near the playground will be lit up and there are so many attractions involving lights out there.

Dimension Room

This room will bring you to another dimension. That is literally and figuratively speaking. It’s not the most popular one as few people line up on this room but I can see the potential if you just think about what shot and poses you are going to do. So be sure to check this out.


The rooms are strategically scattered within Icon City so you must follow the directions there to go to the others. Directions are on leaflets, wall postings and even the pathways, they put some footprints stickers in which if you follow, it will lead you to the next attraction.
My advice when you go there, make sure to bring with you aside from your loved ones or kids, bring along some extra patience as you will surely be in queue for most of the attractions. Don’t worry because they allocate 5 (some 3) minutes for each group of people who are inside  to  do their thing and once time is up, the next group comes in. 

They call it “The Moons of Meridin”, a swing composed of plastic that lits up and changes its colour anytime. It is so cool having your picture taken while on it so be sure not to miss this one as it will surely go as your next Instagram or Facebook profile photo.



There are still much attractions that I haven’t mentioned here so be sure to check out their map to be guided. The event is at level 3A and level 5. Don’t miss level 5 as it has the one of the best rooms on this event including the  D’Sara Music & Lights.

The whole experience was amazing. Its an example of how art and technology can really bring you into out of this world experience. Again another kudos to MahSing for pulling this off.

I am leaving you with these important points before you head to Icon City.

  1. Tickets are sold at eventbrite, link here. This is a free event but online tickets need to be booked so you can enter the event premises. 
  2. The event is only open on weekends (Saturday & Sunday only) which started 19th November 2017 and will end on 24th December 2017
  3. It starts from 12PM until 9pm  
  4. Location: Icon City PJ 1, Jalan SS 8/2, Sungai Way 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300
  5. Go through each of the frequently asked questions for more details.
  6. Good news to those who are living far, or in any other state in Malaysia, MahSing announced that they will be bringing this to other states too so be sure to check their website or instagram (@artsandlights) frequently for the next location.

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