Food Photography Workshop With Robin Wong & Olympus Malaysia

Olympus Malaysia recently organized a food photography workshop called “Capture With Olympus – Food Photography Workshop (KL)”. This was held at Cafe ETC last July 13, 2019. The workshop instructor was Robin Wong, Olympus Visionary for Malaysia.

Malaysia Olympus users are fortunate enough that Olympus Malaysia has been organizing these series of workshops in key areas of Malaysia, one in KL, another one in Penang and the other one in Johor Bahru. This has been the reason why I stuck with Olympus since I got my OMD-EM1 last 2015 and since then, it has been a wonderful experience. Later on with that and let me just tell you what happened at the food photography workshop.

Food Photography with Olympus

Cafe ETC was the perfect spot for this workshop. Not only have they had experience with Olympus anymore in their previous workshop, but it is also located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur near China Town. The available light that it has from the inside is most ideal for food photography as it has a huge glass window.

Olympus went all out with this workshop with proper widescreen tv for the presentation and best of all, the participants can borrow and test out Olympus cameras and lenses during the entire workshop. I myself borrowed the 25mm F1.8 lens which is I am now in love with for taking food photos.

It was a full packed event and Robin did a great job in explaining how to shoot hipster food photos as he does. He even demoed to us how he shoots by using connecting his camera to the widescreen tv and presented as live view. That alone is great so the participants were able to see how he does it in action. Thanks to the Olympus’ live view capabilities and its 5-axis stabilization that hand holding it while looking at the widescreen tv was a breeze.

Below photos are the ones I shoot with my camera using the 25mm F1.8 lens which I borrowed from Olympus.


The photos below are taken with the participants taking their shots on the food.

The things we do just to get the hipster food photo we want.

Huge shoutout to Olympus Malaysia for organizing this event and any other events they have planned for the users. Really this is what has differentiated Olympus from any other camera brands here in Malaysia. It just shows that Olympus takes care of its users and makes sure that the passion continues. In the long run, this is a win-win for both users and Olympus as doing this creates loyal customers and help develop our skills. After all, we are already passionate enough but with a big brand such as Olympus helping us live with our passion, it certainly helps the brand grow. I can’t wait to join another Olympus event in the future.

Big thanks to Chun together with his colleague who set up and facilitated the workshop in making sure it is a success.

I do photograph food and this year, I started my own food blog. Do check it out.

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