Year In Review: Looking Back – 2015 Photoshoots

It has been a very busy year and don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I see it as blessings and I am very much optimistic that more blessings will come this coming year 2016. I listed down the highlights of my portrait photography this year and this excludes photo shoots that my clients wish not to be posted online,  paid events and photo walks. Once again, here is a look back at some photoshoots that happened this year. Sit back and enjoy. 

February 2015 was the Milk Workshop by Jaruslav and these two models from the Philippines Princess and Ivy were the subjects of course with the milk, lots of milk as their dresses.


March 2015 –  A boudior photoshoot with Aevie together with my buddies Lolit and Rajohn.


April 2015 – Pre-wedding photoshoot with Marce and Steph 


May 2015 – The Fire Queen visited Malaysia for the second time.  More story, click the photo 


May 2015 – Maternity Shoot with Gie


July 2015 – Stephen + Meggie Pre-wedding


August 2015 – Baby Shoot with Ricardo


September 2015 – Photoshoot with the belly dancers Analie Bolinao, Kim Kong and Nguyen Ha Linh 


November 2015 – Incognito WOrkshop by Anthony Barlan with Hilde  Marie Johansen (Stylist/Designer / Hair and Make up)

All of these will never be possible without the help of my friends (you know who you are 🙂 ) and the people I met. Photography has help me gain new friends that I share and get knowledge from. It is always good to share and not hide what you know. That is something what I learned this year. Sharing will open up a lot of opportunities and builds stronger bonds among friends. 

The year ends in at least 24 hours and it’s time we look back at what we learned and how we manage to correct or get up during our mistakes. It is in making mistakes that we learn and learning never ends. Those are familiar lines that you might have already heard from famous speakers and leaders but it is in reminding ourselves over and over that it will really stick into our minds and actually practice it. So, let us remind ourselves of those lines and move forward with optimism for the next year. It may be photography that you like or may it be a different passion but the lines I mentioned applies to everyone and just everything we do in life. Keep learning and keep that passion burning. 

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