The Kenvin Pinardy & Rarindra Prakarsa Experience

It was an honor to be part of the team to facilitate the “Whimsical Dream” Masterclass Workshop by Kenvin Pinardy and Rarindra Prakarsa. Big thanks to the organizers Anthony Barlan and Bobong Latif of ANB Photography Productions. What made this masterclass workshop more exciting is that it’s main sponsor is Sony Malaysia backed with the talented and creative makeup artists and stylists Barbara and Michelle Bennett together with Rocky Gathercole who provided the costumes.

Let me show you an overview of what happened. Do make sure you read till the last as this is just a short clip.

Bala’s Chalet

It all started here. From a well thought hotel accommodation. This hotel is literally on top of a hill and not your ordinary hotels that you see sprouting just anywhere where people are. Well situated, it has an impressive history and the service was great. Bala’s is one of the oldest colonial buildings built during the pre-war era and has been preserved in its original structure till today. Opened as a boarding school 1934 for European expatriate children as a branch of the more famous Tanglin school in Singapore.

Shoot Day Early Risers

While everybody was asleep, the night before the actual shoot day, guess who were awake? It’s the models and the makeup artists. Barbara and Michelle Bennett woke up as early as 2 A.M. to start doing the makeup and hair for the models. I admire their professionalism as they did finish the job before 6:30 A.M and we were ready to go as planned. I managed to get some shots in the morning while they were doing the finishing touches. 

The Adventure

I am not referring to adventure where we walked for an hour and traveled through thick forest and deep rivers, not that adventure but it was one hell of a ride going to the location in Mossy Forest. We were riding comfortably in our cars and van but seeing the road as it gets narrower and steeper with really sharp curves at the same time you’ll be mesmerized by the landscapes surrounding it. Check out the photos below.

One thing I really can’t forget was when we were on top and when I looked at the right side of our van, the sun just started to show up and the color was great. It was the perfect time of the day the most photographers want to shoot and what added more drama to the scene we were all drooling was that clouds are below us we were like in some kind of paradise. My instinct wants me to stop and take a picture but since I was facilitating the participants and we don’t have time to stop as we were in convoy with everybody so we won’t get lost going to the location. I still regret to this day why we did not stop but I have to do what I was tasked to do. 
I had a snap of that sunrise on my ipad and that was just left of how beautiful that scene was.  Not very well taken though as I was shooting inside the van window. Other cars have stopped though.. Here is the shot.

The Mossy Forest

We reached the first location with enthusiasm and I saw the participants were excited to shoot as I was too. It was still so early but we can see the sun lighting up the forest. We were divided into 4 groups and each group has a model, and facilitator and I was assigned on group 3 location 3. We made sure each participant gets proper and equal shooting time with each other. Then models move to each location and then each group eventually moved to different locations. 
Shots taken from the Mossy forest. The mossy forest is located 6000 ft above sea level just FYI.

The Farm House

Location 2 was some kind of a farm house where the farmers go and rest after working the whole day at the farm.  We went there after our lunch and it was around 2 PM where the sun is so up and scourging hot. The whole Cameron is a colder place but I felt that time it was so hot. 
We shoot inside the house, this time 3 locations inside and near the house where each participant shoot and join which group they want to join. It was a quicker shoot as there was not shade that we can rest on. They managed to get wonderful shots though.

The Tea Plantation

I loved shooting in the tea plantation area. The area was wide and you can see mountains and uniformity of tea plants almost everywhere you look. There were also some huge trees that were making it more dramatic. Unluckily on my part, I ran out of battery and missed maybe 15 minutes of shooting before we wrapped up. But it was okay since I knew I have done my job and what was priority were the participants. This was the last location and seeing on the participants face, I definitely say that they enjoyed it very much.

Post Processing

The post processing happened the whole day of the next day and it went well as planned and the two masters were able to share and teach the techniques they wanted to share to everybody. Participants were also helping each other in the process. There was also a contest which was sponsored by SOny in which they gave away two sony camera back packs to chosen participants with best photos during the workshop. They also provided premium SD cards to all participants as a bonus. Thank you Sony for sponsoring the event.
This was the last activity and by around 6:00 PM each of us parted each ways to go to each of our destinations.

 All the participants taken at the Mossy Forest entrance.
All the participants taken at the Mossy Forest entrance.

It was a great experience for me, the rest of the team and the participants as well. It was a wonderful feeling to meet people with the same interest and hear their stories on how they get into photography. All of those were just bonuses when you attend workshops like this and it keeps you inspired and be motivated to learn more and share your knowledge with others.

Another success workshop organized by ANB Photography Productions and I congratulate them for a job well done. Watch out for upcoming events and workshops by ANB Photography Productions. Please contact Anthony Barlan or Bobong Latif for more information on upcoming workshops. 

But wait, there’s more…. 

Ninety- nine percent of the photos  were taken by my ipad and videos created by ipad. All rights reserved. 


Sponsored By Sony Malaysia 
Fog Machine Sponsor : Steven Thang

Sony Speaker : Shaiful

Master Of photography 
1. Kenvin Pinardy
2. Rarindra Prakarsa

Make up Artist & Stylist : Barbara Bennett & Michelle Anne Bennett Kholoma
Gown By : Rocky Gathercole
Models :
1. Arina Zubakhina
2. Regina Soosalu
3. Evon Tan
4. Kathrine

Organizer :
1. Anthony Mendoza Barlan
2. Bobong Abdul Latif

Event Coordinator
1. Robert Cheong
2. Rey Aguilar
3. Van Ambruce S. Ligutom
4. RaJohn Pahang
5. Babyuko Hanagata

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