The 15 Minute Harley Quinn Shoot

Yeah we did it in 15 minutes.  Our hair and make up artist is so good that she was able to do a Harley Quinn look with just a little time and no planning at all.  It was spur of the moment. Big thanks to Anna Marie Salovino for the hair and makeup. She even had to be in the airport after doing this look but still was able to pull it off as we wanted.  

Our model,  Anya Aragon wanted this so badly as Harley Quinn so we decided to go for it.  She is also a Tribal Gear (A clothing company in the Philippines)  endorser so costume was not a problem. Then the shoot happened.  Anya nailed it.  She really portrayed the character very well.  Looking forward to collaborate  with Anya and Anna again in the future. 

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