Test Shoot with Eliss

As a backstory, I met Eliss few months back while we were waiting for our models to arrive in the vicinity of KLCC Twin Towers area where the park is. I can still remember I noticed her with a friend doing poses and selfies for instagram. I approached her and talked. She was so friendly and got her instagram account and number. She has some following in instagram. I took a shot of her during our first meeting..

One thing I did’nt notice was that a fellow photographer, Jay who was also there for the photoshoot, had his snipper lens and took a photo of me while talking to them.

 Photo by: Jay Fuerzas Photo by: Jay Fuerzas

With her looks, I knew she would look great when photographed.  I had plans to shoot her and suddenly it was a day before the shoot that we agreed to finally do it. Kinda rush but it was the only time I was available and she was willing to wake up early. We talked Thursday and the shoot was the next day.

I like the way she behaved before, during and after the shoot. When she was told to wake up early so she can do her hair and finish makeup early, she didn’t complain and just did it. There was no saloon open that early so she has to do the hair and makeup early. She even arrived earlier then me. So simple and no complains.

I was so surprised to how she flawlessly posed. She told me she has not done any photo shoot before but I was impressed. I later knew according to her that her brother and sister do modelling so she was exposed with these kind of stuff that is why she was not having a hard time posing and projecting herself to the camera.

One weird thing, i noticed that the security personnel in KLCC area don’t allow the use of reflectors. I only used reflectors during the shoot as I wanted to use just the ambient light. We were approached twice and asked to stop using the reflector. I don’t mind following it but it just won’t make sense to not allow someone to use a reflector. It should be more okay than a softbox with a light stand but what can I do? I just followed and proceed to shooting. Once in a while i still used the reflector. Just placed it near a bench or tree so they wont see me holding it. It worked.

We had fun and got to know each other, and at the same time we liked the results. This was not really planned at all but we got what we wanted. Since this was just a test shoot, this will basically gauge how we can work together and it turned out very well. Watch out for the next shoot with her.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.  Leave some comments below or suggestions on this article.

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