Sophie Portraits In Siquijor Island

It’s not very much often that I travel but this was during my vacation back home. Months of preparation for the vacation, but did not expect to have a photo shoot. A friend of mine who lives in Poland who does make up, was also going home. She lives in a town next to where I live and has not been home for a while like me so both of us were eager to meet family, friends and relatives.

My friend’s name is Kate (Farrah as what her family and friends call her). She met Sophie on a beach resort and noticed her beauty so Kate asked her if she could be our model. With her father’s approval, she agreed. Sophie was with her father and girlfriend at that time who were also enjoying their vacation. They’re from Germany who just came to the Philippines to travel.

The Location

The location was in Coco Groove Beach Resort, one of the famous beach resorts in Siquijor Island, in a town 20 Km away from my place. With me were my wife and daughter and Kate’s husband and son were also there. We decided to do the shoot within the vicinity of the resort since there are a lot of great locations to shoot within the resort. We started past noon, Kate did the make up first.

We wanted to make sure that we show some of the wonderful areas in the resort most specifically the trees, beach and plants. The second location is some kind of a garden still inside the resort, which I noticed to be more interesting. The picture below shows how intriguing those leaves crawling by the trunk of a tree. The colors of the background really compliments the colors of her swim wear. Thanks to Kate, she brought swim wears for the model to use.

Some behind the scenes.

 Behind the scenes.  Kate helping me clear the unwanted leaves on Sophie. Behind the scenes.  Kate helping me clear the unwanted leaves on Sophie.


Once again, a big thank you to Kate for making this shoot possible. Also to her husband who supported us during the shoot. Thanks Sophie for being such a great model for this shoot. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

Model: Sophie-Victoria Andreas
Photographer:  Van Ligutom
Hair & Make Up/ Wardrobe: Kate Asok-Południewska
Location: Coco Groove Beach Resort

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