Sneakers & Jerseys Portrait Series ( shoot #3 )

Shoot #3 was something different. I reserved it to someone I have worked before and during the planning stage of the event, I asked myself how can this be something different from the two other shoots I had? Being a fan of camera tricks that involves numerous techniques as i have been involved to those kind of photography at my early stage, decided to do something which involves levitation. 

The shoot was done in our living room. We had white walls so i took that advantage to reflect light from my umbrella and one off-camera flash. My model, Lyka also lives the same place that I live so it was so easy preparing for the shoot.



Another new method I used for this shoot was shooting tethered. I had a usb cable connecting my camera to my laptop and every photo taken with the camera, goes straight to my laptop and I can immediately check if it’s focused or composed properly. I also noticed that since I had my camera on a tripod, 95% of my shots were focused and i can easily check focus on a bigger screen on my laptop. Shooting tethered has its disadvantage that I noticed during this experience. There were times when I think I got some shots and those moments may not be repeatable but then I found out that it was not saved or transmitted to the laptop at all. I noticed this happens when you move too much and break down the connection as it is just a small slot that’s holding the connection between the cable and the connectors. I personally think that buying a longer and more reliable tether cable is important to minimize these issues. The one I used was the usb cable that came with my camera as a free accessory.




This was the concept Of levitation and on the final image, I was able to change the plan by scattering the shoes unlike the illustration. I’m trying incorporate conceptualization to my shoots and the next will be more conceptualized than any other shoots I have done.


This was the simple setup we had and the fan really helped her pose comfortably and helped her hair flow more naturally. It was a close shot and there were times where I forgot to frame the shoes which was one of the subjects for this shot.


The next photos I will be posting are the final photos after retouching. Once again thanks to Lyka as my model and makeup artist, Lou Mary as my assistant and at the same time the model manager. To Neil Mabborrang and Ralph Molina for the NBA Jerseys and last but nit the least to Rex Dalumpines and Lennard Buenavidez for their sneakers.




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