Sneakers & Jerseys Portrait Series (Shoot #1)

This is the kickoff shoot if my “Sneakers and Jerseys series”  that I talked about on my twitter and facebook page. Organized it with some of my photographer friends and had a great time doing it. 

I chose this concept because if it’s simplicity and to be able to share and feature sneakers and jerseys for those sneakerheads and basketball fans out there.  One good thing is that we finished this shoot just a week before the NBA All-Star Weekend. So i’d say, just in time.





The location was at Hotel Armada in Petaling Jaya, just few minutes away from where I live. We chose that place due to its location where it’s closer to everyone else on the team. This was when we arrived and laid out everything we brought and watched television while the model is getting ready for the makeup.

Our MUA Sharmaine and the model Regina having a good time styling the hair. 

The Hotel room was just okay for the price but did not expect it to be that small compared to what was advertised. The photos on their website looks like its so wide.


Another glimpse if the Jerseys and the lone baseball cap used.

And the kicks too..  I can’t name them all but those who know sneakers know what are they called. 

To those who want to know about the lighting situation, here it is. Behind her is a big window with courtains and we were shooting against it most of the time. Since we don’t have many triggers, we managed to have our individual flashes work separately for us and that’s it. Aldrin and John bounced their flashes off the ceiling or walls while I used my light stand and umbrella with an off camera flash. Since my flash is manual, there are times I have to adjust it when she is too far or too close and increase or decrease the powe accordingly. For Aldrin and John, they were using TTL or automatic flashes so the flash will adjust for the lighting situation on the room.


Working with Regina was full of fun and laughter. We enjoyed it very much and personaly, I was surprised by the energy she had and it really showed that she did her homework. She went to the shoot prepared and we were able to capture wonderful shots, yeah and lots of it. She was “in the zone” the whole time during the shoot and didn’t show she was tired despite we’ve been shooting for hours. I would definitely love to do another shoot with her and in fact we are on the process of cooking up a different kind of shoot for her. 

Here is one of my favorite shots of the day. 



More of the photos can be found on my projects page.


Special thanks to the team which I have been doing shoots since last year and I had an awesome time working with them. Thanks for the support. 


Model: Regina Guillermo

Photographers: Van Ambruce Ligutom, John Pahang and Aldrin Ramos

Hair and Makeup: Sharmaine Macalinga

Sneakers:  Lennard Buenavidez, Dan Reyes and Will Panganiban Ramos

NBA Jerseys:  Ralph Molina  Neil Mabborang and  Kram





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