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As most people see on posters and on ads, shooting a sport like basketball may seem to be very easy to pull off but it isn’t. It requires knowledge of the game, anticipation and patience, lots of patience.  I was so fortunate to be able to shoot a basketball tournament from my former colleagues at Computer Sciences Corporation in Malaysia.Due to the nature of our work, the games were played every Sundays in the afternoon, 2 games each Sunday. The opening day was exciting and I was able to get few photos .

Got To Use What I Have
Sports photography requires you to have fast dslr cameras and fast lenses. It is true that even with  not so expensive gears, you can take good photos but with sports, specially fast paced games like basketball, you need to have the fastest lens you can afford this is an exception to the rule regarding gears that matter when you shoot.
In my case, I am not a full time sports photographer, maybe in the future but I am still on the stage of getting to know which ones I really like.
I have not purchased new lens or body since a year ago, so I still use my kit lens (18-55mm, 3.5-5.6) and my Nikkor 50mm 1.8G.
When i feel like taking a wider angle shot, i use my kit lens and when needed with a close shot, I pull out my 50mm lens.

50mm For Sports
During the period of more than a month and shoot at most of the time every Sunday, I was able to prove that 50mm can also be used for sports since it has wider aperture, it is considered a fast glass and I can shoot with it throughout the whole game. For anything very far from the opposite court, I still use the 50mm and if I get something good, I crop it at post process making it look like a zoomed shot from one of those zoom lenses. I love it as it is so sharp and you can blur the background when using the wider open apertures. The only downside of you are on the 1.8 – 2.8 range aperture, since everything is moving, if you are not quick enough to anticipate a move, your subject will be out of focus. I get that a lot on my trashed shots and of course I weed them out during post process.

Below are the posters/teasers i created for the final games.

CSC_Pinoy_Basketball_League2013-backup2a CSC_Pinoy_Basketball_League2013-backup2

After the tournament has declared a champion, I will be compiling the best photos I took during the whole tournament and will post it to my main website . Please do check it out soon.

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