Shooting Into The Woods With Ara

I always wanted to photograph her and that has become a reality last August. Her name is Ara, a colleague of mine. With the right planning, we were able to go on with the shoot even with some minor set backs.

Location 1

We shot the photos in KL Lake Gardens and were so amazed how huge the place is and there were so many places to shoot. This first location, we found a huge tree with its trunk and roots simply lying flat on the ground then slowly raising up. The moment I saw it, I know we would do a couple of shots there.


Location 2

The second spot was on an uprooted tree just near the first one. It turned out to be a “Tinker Bell” look which I really liked. Had this shot and moved on to the next one. We still had to walk at least 10 minutes to the next one so we went on.


Location 3

We found trimmed shrubs like this below in a nearby playground. So I asked her to pose and did the shot below.

The shoot was on a Saturday afternoon and surprisingly, there were few people at the Lake Gardens. It used to be overcrowded during weekends.
Totally loved the result on this one.


Location 4

This looks like the 3rd location but it is not. This was initially our first shooting spot but when we parked at a different entrance of the Lake Gardens, we had to make use of the nearby shooting spots before going to this one just to make sure we don’t waste any time as it was getting darker and darker.

We arrived at the location around 5:00PM and we had little time to shoot before the sun goes down.

 Me, Belle (did the hair and makeup and assisted me) and Ara (our model). Photo taken by Mardie. Me, Belle (did the hair and makeup and assisted me) and Ara (our model). Photo taken by Mardie.


Location 4

Right beside the 3rd location,  was a wall of flowers and shrubs so we shot her against those flowers. I always wanted to add some beauty shots and the above photo is one of them.  It turned out really great and those shots are one of my favorites for this series.

Another successful photo shoot for Van Ligutom Photography and the team. Well for this instance it’s a two person team. Kudos to Belle, my makeup artist for sharing her talent to us and assisting me during the shoot.
Ara, great job for being such an easy model to pose with no complaints during the whole duration of the shoot. Big shout out to Mardie (Ara’s BF) for the trust in allowing us to shoot Ara and for our transportation, not to mention the overwhelming moral support.

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Model : Ara Bautista
Hair & Makeup: Belle

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