Rex Dalumpines And Family – A Family Portrait Shoot

Me and a friend Rex D have talked about shooting him and his family and finally and we had a chance to execute it while his wife and kids are visiting Malaysia. It was a short notice due to availability of schedule and we decided to shoot it at last.  The location was the romantic Titiwangsa, where lovers and couples shoot for weddings and those cheesy stuff.

The past few weeks, it always rains in the afternoon and that was our main threat as we scheduled the shoot at 3:00pm onwards. I wanted to shoot until sunset so we can have a different shoot at the location. We did shoot past sunset hours but I was not able to get the look that I want on the skies as clouds filled the skies as the sun is about to set.

I told them that this is the most photographed spot in Titiwangsa and we have to do this obligatory shot as we are already on the location. A famous movie from the Philippines has a scene shot here and many local movie shoots took place here.

Family portraits are a little bit challenging because you are dealing with more than two subjects and all of them should look good on the final photo. I have some experience with taking couples but not yet with more than two and I think I did it well. As I mentioned from my last post, this was the shoot when my trusty flash broke in the middle of the shoot.


 A close up taken with the flash A close up taken with the flash

It was so easy to direct them to which position to pose. I just wish I had an assistant that time because when the flash did not fire anymore, someone holding the reflector that I brought would be a great help. I had some solo shots, and group shots and any other possible shots that I can think of at the location.

Loved shooting their kids and although the shoot was tiring for them, I think it was a different experience and bonding for them when they were photographed together. I did not have problem shooting the kids at all and they just follow.

 I shoot this photo close to the ground and the sun and on my right and a little bit at their back was a little hint of sunset I shoot this photo close to the ground and the sun and on my right and a little bit at their back was a little hint of sunset

The location was so huge that we didn’t have much time to get to all the spots that I planned. I already knew this as soon as we finished our first spot and the surrounding got a little bit darker. I knew I had to take quick shots to get more variety of the location and the clothes they are about to wear. They did not have any problem coming up with what to wear as they were so ready.

Giselle loves to pose in front of the camera and we did some solo shots of her too.

Then Rex suggested a group pose that he liked and we were able to do it with just few takes. Here is that photo below. With utmost respect to the family, I am only showing few photos from the shoot to give them privacy. We certainly have more shots and poses taken and I will leave it to them if they want to post it or not.

Lastly, and not certainly the least, one of my favorites is the photo below. I liked it because I was the one who conceptualized it. When darkness caught us at Titiwangsa park,  I felt that they still have more to show and did not hesitate from their suggestion to go to the main streets of Kuala Lumpur not knowing we will come up with this shot.  It was literally night time, probably around 9:00PM so we had to eat dinner as the kids could already be hungry. I felt a little bit tired so that would include them too. The dinner was a little bit of a rest and right after eating, I tried to think of what kind of shots I am going to take with them along the streets. Something different and utilizing some tricks and skills that I have on my bag of tricks. Night shots with light streaks always fascinate me so I thought of incorporating that to the shoot that we were about to shoot that time. One big problem though, I realized I did not have a tripod with me. So I came up with a solution to use what I had which was the light stand. Yes the light stand became my tripod at that night and although it was mounted the way I wanted it to be, a slight movement of my hand moves the camera as good as doing it handheld. I have to be steady and not move a lot on my position. Light stands will never be a good replacement for tripods but I had to use what I got.

With few takes, we were able to capture what I had on mind and with that, I was so happy. They had to cross the pedestrian lane back and forth several times  before we got this shot. It was not just crossing the pedestrian lane but also good deal of timing. If we miss a take, we need to wait for few minutes for the correct traffic lights to turn on so the desired blurred streak lights on the left and far right can be achieved. Oh, I forgot to mention, the monorail also played it’s role found at the upper right corner. So when I said “good deal of timing” maybe it could be luck too.
I am ending this blog for now, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Big thanks to Rex and Giselle for letting me shoot their private moments.

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