Retouching Workshop by Natalia Taffarel

Natalia Taffarel visited Kuala Lumpur for the first time to teach a retouching workshop.

 Screen grab from Wacom's website. Screen grab from Wacom’s website.

Kuala Lumpur was so fortunate that Natalia Taffarel, one of the well respected and one of the best color and retouching expert in the world has visited and shared her skills and expertise. Thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Anthony Barlan for organizing this event.

Participants from South East Asia region came to learn from her. We had participants from Hongkong, Thailand and Philippines.

I have sat down on this workshop for a number of hours and there were so many aha moments that changed the way we as photographers think and even do as part of our post processing. She taught us most of her secrets with more than a decade of experience in the industry. She taught the participants on how to have the right attitude towards post processing which is very essential in getting the output that we or the clients want.


The Participants with their Certificates!

There were other participants who has to go early to catch their flight back so some are were not included here


 Group photo with Natalia Group photo with Natalia

Here’s a short video during the workshop.

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