Photo shoot: Urban Chic Concept

Three days ago, me and some friends had a photo shoot. The theme was Urban Chic and the planning just took us at least a week and we successfully did it. Organizing a shoot is not an easy task and this is why most photographer lose interest in portrait photography specially dealing with models, it’s because a lot of aspects are involved before you can actually do the shooting.
 Things to consider for a location shoot are theme, location, hair and makeup, wardrobe and accessories, availability of model, availability of makeup artist. I ‘ve always wanted to organize a photo shoot but I am always having problems with any of the things I mentioned above. It’s either the availability of the model or finding a makeup artist who is available or even thinking of a theme that fits the model’s profile and personality.

The part of planning which was kinda difficult for me was the location. Since the shoot happened on a commercial parking place, I have to make sure we have documents to show that we are allowed to have the shoot there. If you don’t know me yet, i’m not a people guy but I realised that to become a good photographer, I have to have people skills and really meet and talk to people. So with a little bit of luck, I got an approval from the building manager and we agreed to have it 2 and a half hours on the specified parking area.

One of the obstacles I tackled during the shoot was how to pose the model. Nikita, as she wants to be called, was the chosen model. It was her first time and she really had no clue on what to do when it comes to posing specially on the propsed theme. But it all went well as planned, she was easy to direct and followed my instructions well.

 Hair and makeup was done by Sharmaine and I was so happy with the overall outcome of her work. This was our first time working together on a shoot.


The team composed of 3 photographers (Me, John and Marga), Sharmaine for hair and makeup and Bogs as our ‘Behind the Scene’ photographer, and LRM– the model’s manager. I want to thank all of them for helping me in making the shoot successful. The shoot woudn’t be successful without their help.


Obviously, I don’t run a photography business  yet since i just do this as a hobby and I don’t shoot that much for location shooting. I am still new to this and there are so much to learn. I am writing this blog not to say I am an expert on this but just to document everything that happened regarding my photography so I can come back to it in the future and check what could be improved. This can also be a reference to those starting out like me. Please feel free to add comments below if you have any questions or corections and anything that is about this post and I will surely answer it as much as I can.
More photos of this shoot can be found on my Urban Chic post.

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