Maternity Photoshoot with Arha

Had the opportunity to do a maternity shoot with Arha few days before she gave birth. It was the perfect timing to be honest.

It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon and we started around past 4pm. We have agreed to shoot indoors so we used their living room as our study for the day. With just one light, we managed to get the outcome of what the couple wanted in the first place.

Good thing we did not shoot outdoors as she would be very exhausted and the rain would have interfered with our shoot.

With the help of their friends and house mates, I did not have any problem with the props. They were all helpful and supportive for the couple.

Thanks to our makeup artist Belle who made sure Arha looked stunning even with the simple lighting setup we had.

Here’s the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot.

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