Julius & Bevs – Malaysia Pre-Wedding

I had the opportunity to shoot them for their pre-wedding photos. This shoot is special to me as a photographer because the groom-to-be is my friend and my previous house mate.


KLCC was our first stop. We drove early morning  and arrived while just the sun came out and started at these not so common spots within the vicinity of the KLCC Park.

The KLCC Park has so many trees within the vicinity and I used those to our advantage for the shoot. I really love color of the clothes that they wore in this location and had taken several shots for them to cherish forever.

 Behind the scenes photo taken by Mayeen Adornado Behind the scenes photo taken by Mayeen Adornado

It really looks like from the photo above that I was alone doing the shoot, but It was not the case. I was helped with the couple’s two closest friends Mayeen Adornado (also helped with make up and styling) and Mhel Dimanzana. I had their help for example when I needed someone to hold the flash or reflector. They were such big help.

The above photo is special to me. There was some kind of a man made waterfall in this area but I guess because it was still very early, the water is not yet flowing. So all we got was this area which looks like a fish pond, all boring. Then I thought of using the reflection to my favor and came up with this shot. One of my favorites for this series.




I chose this place because of their interesting interiors and great lighting, not to mention great food. Thanks to my photographer friend Robert who showed me this place.
(Click the photos to see an enlarged version and cycle through them)


The first floor was a great photo shoot location for themes like this. We took several and went on with it.




Cerbjaya Condo & Swimming Pool

We ran out of options as the rain came by. So we headed to the condo in Cyberjaya where Mhel lives to take a rest and shoot afterwards. But the weather did not cooperate so we decided to shoot at a nearby pool.

 photo by: Mayeen photo by: Mayeen

It drizzled persistently, i’m so lucky I was using my Olympus Camera and lens that I didn’t have to worry about rain getting into my gear. Finally, the camera feature got its money’s worth.  Weather sealing in both camera and lens is a big plus for this kind of situation.

 photo by: Mayeen photo by: Mayeen

Then, the condo had a viewing deck at the top in which the view was amazing. we played with our shots and had some very ones. I played with the light as I used to bounce it over the big white wall. The result, a cleaner and crisper photos. I love the colors on the photos below.

The final shot on this location was multiplicity technique which I learned during my early stages in photography. The view from where we were was great but the place where we are shooting has few interesting things which I already shot as above. So I thought of doing the shot below just to make something different from the rest.

Looking back on this day, I realized we were shooting for more than eight hours. All of us specially me enjoyed the shoot so much that we didn’t realize how long we have been shooting.

I would like to thank the couple Julius and Bev for the trust in making me part of this memorable pre-wedding shoot.
Mhel Dimanzana for our transportation and place to rest and being my lighting assistant.
Last but not certainly the least, Mayeen Adornado for helping Bev with her makeup and styling and also my lighting assistant.
This successful photo shoot would not be possible without the mentioned contributions above.
Thank you!!!

Do comment below if you have any questions or suggestions for a next photo shoot location or anything related to this post.
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