“Christmas Single” With Cheska

┬áThis shoot with Cheska, I was only invited by my friend Marga who shoots and do makeup. He is really good in doing makeup. I already had worked with him previously during our shoot with Jane (check out my previous posts). It was a short period of notice and I am very thankful for them in letting me participate for that fun shoot.Marga had this idea of Christmas Single where Cheska celebrates Christmas as single and very much joyful and thankful for it. Cheska told me she’s gonna use some pictures as Christmas cards to her loved ones.

The location was Pavillion mall, one of the high-end malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It was the perfect location for the shoot since huge and elegant Chritmas decors were all around the mall.
The shoot went on as planned, got some good angles of Cheska. She was not difficult to work with during the shoot and so easy to direct. Shooting with just one photographer beside you is comfortable. I usually shoot with 2 or 3 other friends, had no complains about it but i have noticed a big difference when there are just two people shooting.. I have to learn how to deal shooting conditions and that includes working with people around me.
The shoot took under two hours and I was happy with the results.
Big thanks to Marga and Cheska for letting me shoot with them.










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