Candy Girl Shoot With Kassie

First of all, I would like to thank the TEAM that helped me make this photo shoot a succesful one. The BTS photographer – Bogs Pahang, fellow photographers – Aldrin, Daniel, John and Sharmaine for the hair and makeup. Special thanks to Kassie for letting us shoot her despite she was having a jet lag from a holiday trip.

Instead of the planned call time at 8:00 AM, we managed to move it at 10:00am on the shoot day itself. It was because Kassie arrived from the airport at midnight, and has to go to sleep to rest.

 I didn’t expect the area to be a little bit darker for a a shoot and we were struggling in making sure no shadows appear after each shot. Ambient light seemed to be poor too because the sun was behind some clouds. After some few test shots and at least and hour of makeup, we started it smoothly.

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Kassie was a little but stiff at first and she had no clue on how to pose for this shoot. Good thing we had photos as illustrations that we displayed on a huge screen tv which helped us and her imitate the pose easily.

We tried crazy poses and some easy ones. Kassie seemed not tired and she just kept on posing as what we direct her to do.

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Me on a stair stand to elevate myself and get the best angle while the model was lying on her back with the baloons and candiess.

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Here’s the BTS Video:












Here is the group photo done after the shoot. (Candy Girl)
From Left to right:(Standing) Aldrin Ramos, Bogs Pahang, Sharmaine Macalinga, Kassie Buenafe Hiroshi, Hazel, me
Left to right: (front)  Daniel Reyes, John Pahang
Big thanks to Bogs for the BTS photos.
To see the photos taken by me, click the Candy Girl Shoot.

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