Jollibee Is Life – Things We Do For Jollibee

Jollibee is engraved in the Filipino culture and when we are not in the Philippines, we crave Jollibee more than we crave anything else. That might not be exactly true but you know what I mean. We do anything just so we can satisfy our cravings for Jollibee

OFWs here in Petaling Jaya and Malaysia in general, are deprived of Jollibee. It’s because after a long time that even the neighboring ASEAN countries already have Jollibee branches, Malaysia, particularly in KL and PJ, does not have yet. Technically, they recently opened in Sabah, Malaysia but that is very far from KL and PJ that you would need to take a plane to go there.

One Saturday, I and my friends decided to drive to Singapore to eat Jollibee. It’s not always cost-effective to drive there just to eat but we did it anyway.

We chose to go to Changi City Point where there is a Jollibee branch there. According to Google Maps, there are 8 branches across Singapore.

The travel took more than 12 hours going back and forth. Going to Singapore alone took us 6 hours. We had several stops heading home so that is why it took us that long. It was another adventure we could never forget so I made sure I would be able to share it to you guys.

Check out the vlog below:

Here’s an appeal to Jollibee Foods Corporation. Please open a branch in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. Even just one while starting out. I’m sure the OFWs here will really appreciate it.

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